Reading Summaries

This section includes all the reading summaries I submitted for CMCL 507 this semester. As the semester progresses, I begin to connect with the texts more and shift from long summaries with brief reflections to concise summaries with meaningful reflections. This transformation is evident in the last two summaries, which were written after all three check-in groups were combined. While the last three texts resonated with me for their message of teaching students more than just content, those readings in conjunction with the jarring check-in event opened me up to the realization that I am not only in CMCL 507 for the benefit of the students in my host class, but for myself and my personal growth.

The Nature of Learning

Active Learning

The Art of Collaborative Learning

My pedagogical creed

In and out of the Zone of Proximal Development

Why do beliefs about intelligence influence learning success

Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Collaboration Across the Power Line

Transformative Learning

Towards a philosophy of human learning

Engaged Pedagogy

Nurturing soul in adult learning

Teaching with Heart and Soul