I facilitated a number of activities using PeerWise in all three lecture sections of CHEM 201 with the hopes of integrating a collaborative learning tool into their study habits. Each activity included guidelines for the activities as well as learning outcomes for the students. When I brought PeerWise into the classroom, my aim was to be as transparent as possible regarding the purpose of the tool and the outcomes for the students; being a new and unfamiliar tool, I set up the precedent of transparency to encourage them to put their trust in me and in the tool. My objectives regarding PeerWise shifted throughout the semester as I face low student engagement, which can be seen in the learning outcomes for each activity. In the end, I hope I have been able to prompt students to probe deeper in their studies and never settle for memorizing patterns.

Jan. 18/19: Hi! I’m Judy

Jan. 25/26: Peerwise Introduction

Feb. 1/2: PeerWise Activity

Mar. 22/23: Bonus Activity

Apr. 5/6: Follow-Up Activity