Critical Reflections

Here, you will find my critical reflections over the semester. You will be able to witness my growth over the semester from an individual who walked around as if they were treading on eggshells to one who learned to accept that no one is the perfect peer mentor and proceeds forward with the confidence that even making a small difference is significant. You will also witness my growth as a student in CMCL 507. My hesitance to open up about matters external to being a peer mentor in my check-in group is also reflected in my critical reflections until all three check-in groups were combined. It was this event that reminded me that CMCL 507 is more than just the practical experience in our host classes, that it is about personal growth and exploration and meaningful connections with our fellow 507 peers.

Reflection 1

Reflection 2

Reflection 3

Reflection 4

Reflection 5

Reflection 6