Table of Contents


Mentoring Philosophy

Semester Plan


Class Facilitation

Reading Summaries

Critical Reflections

Concluding Thoughts

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In the 2018 Winter semester, I approached Dr. Sullivan to inquire about being a peer mentor for her class CHEM 201: General Chemistry: Structure and Bonding. She and Dr. Mozol eagerly welcomed me on board and thus began my journey of finding my place as a peer mentor in a class of over nearly 500 student over three lecture sections. I entered the role of a peer mentor with the challenge of integrating technology into CHEM 201, specifically, integrating PeerWise as a learning tool.

My experience as a peer mentor has taught me a lot about being outside my comfort zone. My fear of being wrong or making a mistake made it difficult for me to navigate the multiple, constantly shifting power lines that I experienced as a peer mentor. Over the course of the semester however, I learned to accept that it’s okay to be uncertain and that my faults can be forgiven, which can be seen in my personal reflections. With the unending support from my host instructors, who gave me the freedom to navigate my own uncertainty and provided me guidance through the murky waters, as well as the optimistic support from my students, who believed in me the whole semester, I found my voice among my inner power lines conflict.

My experience as a student in CMCL 507 has taught me a lot about the role of heart and soul in university. CMCL 507 provided me with a unique experience to be vulnerable in a safe and supportive environment.  I had fallen into the trap of seeing university as a stepping stone to something bigger but check-in helped me ground myself in the present and recognize that my experience in university has led to an immense amount of personal development. I would not have been able to come to this realization without my check-in group, who provided me with a family I never knew I needed. Together, we identified each other’s growth and empathized with each other’s challenges and we all became better people as a result of our weekly check-ins.

In this portfolio, you will find evidence of my role as a mentor such as emails between myself and students as well as facilitation activities. Furthermore, you will find evidence of my increased understanding of teaching and learning in university. More importantly, however, you will find evidence of my increased understanding of myself.

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